Neurodiverse Safe Work Live Stream Recording – Mental Health Week 2022

What our Audiences Say!

I particularly liked the way you used your examples and gave solutions as to a better way of dealing with this from the individual and the management perspective. 

So often in these “awareness” discussions you are left with ‘something needs to be done’ but no clues or suggestions to a solution or method of dealing with the issue. My view of today was you lead with the issue and made the listener start to think of ways to deal with this, then using your examples, gave management solutions as to how to identify and implement change to support neurodiversity in the workplace. 

In the Q&A you certainly demonstrated your knowledge and investment in this area. You gave consistent answers and used supportive language NOT patronising language which often puts people off. 

I often shut down during such presentations and go off into my head and miss loads, but you certainly held my attention. 

I do admire you and think you’re brilliant. 

I was genuinely engaged and learned heaps from your presentation. 

As David Stratton would rarely say to Margaret Pomeranz “I give it 5 stars *****”


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