We are excited to announce that The Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative is collaborating with Professor Amanda Kirby and Do-IT Solutions in the UK to bring the new Australian version of the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler to the Australian market in February 2023.


Why do we need the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler?

Humans are all different. Just as we have diversity in ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, so too there is diversity of thought and neurocognitive functioning (neurodiversity).  It is estimated that between 15 – 20% (1:5) of the global population thinks and functions differently (neurodivergent) from the more common type of functioning (neurotypical).  

People who have one type of neurodivergence such as Autism often have others, such as ADHD and Dyslexia with overlapping or even competing traits. This can make diagnosis and management difficult. A shortage of qualified medical specialists and the often lengthy and costly diagnostic processes can put a formal assessment and diagnosis out of reach for many. But without a diagnosis it can be difficult for employers to know what adjustments workers need to help them perform work safely.

The Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler has been designed to meet this need.

What is the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler?

Like other personality profiling tools such as Myers Briggs, DiSC and Hogan commonly used in employment, the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler maps a person’s unique characteristics to inform the recruitment and selection process and strengthen individual and team performance capability.

The Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler is unique. With a strong evidence base of more than 20 years of multidisciplinary clinical research in neurodiversity, it has been designed to take a person-centred approach to analyse the person’s overall strengths and challenges across a range of cognitive areas as well as considering each person’s wellbeing, whether there is a formal diagnosis or not.

It can be used by workers and employers to understand how workers think and function and helps to inform them in identifying adjustments to work so that the worker can perform work safely and to decide on controls necessary to reduce the risks of work that may be experienced differently by a worker who is neurodivergent.

Who is the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler for?

The Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler is designed for workers and their employers and provides a better understanding of the worker’s strengths and challenges that could be associated with neurodivergent traits and conditions.

Why use the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler?

The Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler produces an individualised report that provides personalised guidance, practical workplace tools and resources in the context of neurodivergent traits. These may be associated with:

  • Dyslexia (reading, spelling and writing)
  • Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder (co-ordination)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (attention, concentration and impulsivity)
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions or Disorders (ASC/ASD) (social, sensory, language and communication)
  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) (speech, language and communication difficulties) and
  • Dyscalculia (Maths).

How can the report help?

The Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler contains four assessment modules that screen for neurodivergent, wellbeing strengths and challenges and workplace adjustment needs. It produces an individualised report that provides guidance, practical workplace tools (including the “Work with Me Passport”) and resources in the context of neurodivergent traits.


The report can be used as a starting point for an individual to understand how to maximize strengths and minimize challenges. It can be used to start a conversation with others in the workplace or to initiate further in-depth assessments if required and it can be used to inform the risk management and Professional Coaching processes.

How can the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler be accessed in Australia?

  • Register for one of our NDSW Professional Coaching Programs, which uses the ND Workplace Profiler to guide the coaching process;
  • Register your interest “in accessing the ND Workplace Profiler as a stand-alone tool, without the NDSW Professional Coaching Program and we’ll contact you as soon as it is available.

Who are Do-IT Solutions?

Founded by Professor Amanda Kirby (MBBS MRCGP PhD) Do-IT Solutions is a global leader in Neurodiversity Screening and Assessment and provides innovative, evidence-based and stable online products that help organizations and individuals improve inclusivity and performance.

Dr Amanda Kirby - Founder of Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler

Introducing the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler to Australia

Imagine you’re an HR or OHS Manager or a business owner and one of your staff has told you they have ADHD and need some help at work.

What do you do?

You know that you need to make reasonable adjustments for people at work who have disabilities. But is ADHD a disability? Why is this person with ADHD asking for something different from the last person with ADHD? What if it’s something else? What if the person says they are Autistic or have Dyslexia and what on earth are Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and Dyspraxia?

It can all seem like a bit of a minefield as an employer trying to balance the needs of the employee with your various responsibilities under the employment and WHS legislation as well as maintaining productivity.

Wouldn’t it be good if employers and workers had some kind of tool to help them take the guesswork out of it. Something like a Myers-Briggs assessment but for neurodiversity!

Introducing the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler!

The Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative, an Australian-based OHS Consultancy with specialist skills in neurodiversity, and the Do-IT Profiler, a UK business and global leader in neurodiversity screening and assessment products have collaborated to bring this unique tool to the Australian market.

This Webinar Introduces the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler to Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it diagnose specific neurodivergent conditions?

In Australia diagnosis of neurodivergent conditions can only be made by appropriately qualified specialists, usually a p. Whilst the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler is based on many years of multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed neurodiversity research, it is not a diagnostic tool.

The report from Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler will confirm areas of strengths and challenges, and where appropriate, note similarities of the pattern of traits relating to conditions such as associated with dyslexia, ADHD or dyspraxia/DCD.

The report can be used to discuss adjustments and support to be put in place in the workplace as a starting point for further in-depth diagnostic assessment if the worker wants to pursue this.

How long will it take to complete?

It takes approximately an hour to complete all modules, but this depends on how fast the individual answers each question. The Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler does not have to be completed all in one go. It can be completed in several sessions.

Is there a time limit for access?

Individuals who complete the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler can access their report, guidance and resources for up to 12 months after registering.

The Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative Story

What device do I need?

The system works through your browser and should work on Windows, Apple and Android devices. To be accessible, the tests have sound files. A reasonably fast internet speed is needed to avoid frustration waiting for downloads.

We do not advise accessing the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler on a mobile phone.

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