Reflecting on a Year of Achievements and Looking Forward to New Horizons

 As we approach the festive season and the end of another remarkable year, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your continued support and collaboration. This year has been an incredible journey filled with accomplishments, new ventures, and exciting opportunities, and I am thrilled to share some of the highlights with you.


 1. Introducing the ND Workplace Profiler to Australia

We are proud to have introduced the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler to Australia, a groundbreaking tool that has significantly impacted the landscape of neurodiversity in the workplace. Offered as part of a Professional Coaching Package this innovative solution designed by the team at #Do-IT Solutions in the UK under the expert leadership of @Prof. Amanda Kirby has enabled organisations to foster inclusivity and tap into the unique strengths of neurodivergent individuals, enhancing workplace culture and productivity.


 2. Launching the NDSW Academy and NDSW Foundations Course

This year marked the launch of the NDSW Academy, an eLearning platform dedicated to advancing the knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity at work. Our inaugural course, the NDSW Foundations Course empowers employers with knowledge, skills, and tools to embrace neurodiversity for an inclusive culture and systems that improve the safety and wellbeing of all workers, including those who think and function differently. I’m eternally grateful to @conniesamaniego for her encouragement, support, insights and sheer hard work and dedication during this project.

3. Neurodiversity at Work LinkedIn Webinar Series and Collaborations

Our collaboration with @Prof Amanda Kirby, CEO of Do-IT Solutions, brought forth the Neurodiversity at Work LinkedIn Webinar Series and we’re proud to welcome more than 120 participants from 15 countries to gain insights from and expert panel discussion about workplace investigations involving neurodivergent workers.


We’ve had the privilege of participating in various conferences and webinars both in Australia and overseas, spreading awareness about neurodiversity and its positive impact on workplaces.


4. Lethbridge Piper & Associates

Meanwhile, I continue to work closely with our Lethbridge Piper & Associates clients, contributing to OHS Management System, auditing, development and implementation projects, due diligence training, complex investigations, and serving as an expert member on strategic level OHS committees and panels. I am particularly grateful to our “Frequent Flyers”, those clients who retain us year after year and help us keep the doors open! It is a privilege to reflect on how your systems and culture have matured and developed and the health, safety and wellbeing of workers improved during our journey together.


Simultaneously, my academic journey at #Griffith University, pursuing a Master of Arts Research under the esteemed supervision of @Prof Drew Rae and @Guido Carim Junior PhD, is intellectually stimulating and rewarding and I am immensely grateful to have this opportunity to study at this level and hopefully contribute some new knowledge to the world.

Looking Ahead

As we approach the end of the year, I am excited about the possibilities that the coming year holds. However, before diving into the new challenges and adventures, I am looking forward to a well-deserved break to recharge. In addition to professional endeavors, I am delighted to share that I will also be busy planning a wedding – my own – in 2024!

NSWD image of a little girl with binoculars, "looking ahead"

ADHD in the Workplace

The Australian Senate’s Inquiry into ADHD 2023 Report was released on 8 November 2023, after examining the barriers to consistent, timely and best practice assessment of ADHD and support services for people with ADHD in Australia.

NSWD image of a drawing representing ADHD of a circle shaped head, with arrows pointing out everywhere

The report identified key challenges and gaps in the current system, such as lack of services, high costs of services, poor consumer experiences, lack of support in various settings, and specific needs of different groups. It provided 29 recommendations to address these issues, such as developing a national strategy for ADHD, improving access and affordability of services, enhancing quality of care and training for professionals, increasing awareness, and reducing stigma, and supporting research and data collection on ADHD.


One of the key areas that the report focused on was the role of employers and what employers need to better support ADHD adults in the workplace. The report acknowledged that ADHD has significant impacts on employment outcomes, such as lower rates of


employment, lower income, lower job satisfaction, higher turnover, and higher risk of accidents and injuries.

The report also recognised that ADHD can also bring strengths and benefits to the workplace, such as creativity, innovation, resilience, and problem-solving skills.

The report highlighted the need for employers to provide reasonable adjustments and accommodations for employees with ADHD, such as flexible work arrangements, clear communication, feedback and guidance, assistive technology, coaching and mentoring, and access to support services. The report also recommended that employers adopt inclusive policies and practices that value neurodiversity and promote a positive work culture for people with ADHD.

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Christmas Wishes and a Short Break

As the holiday season approaches, I want to extend warm Christmas wishes to you and your loved ones. It has been a pleasure working with you this year, and I am grateful for the collaborations and connections we’ve shared. I will be taking a couple of weeks off from 16 December 2023 to rest and rejuvenate, returning in the new year with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you once again for being part of this incredible journey. I look forward to continuing our partnerships and making even greater strides in the field of neurodiversity in the coming year.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

 Warm regards,


Catherine Lee (She/Her)­

Director and Founder

RN dipOHN GradCertMgt GradDipOHS COHSProf

The Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative


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