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On 3 February 2023 we were excited to introduce the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler to Australia in a livestreamed webinar presented by Founder of the Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative, Catherine Lee.

You can watch the webinar recording here.

Our very special guest speaker for the event was Professor Amanda Kirby, Emeritus Chair of Developmental Disorders at the University of South Wales in the UK and Honorary Professor at the University of Cardiff. Amanda has gained international standing as a leading neurodiversity campaigner, researcher, academic and entrepreneur and is the CEO of Do-IT Solutions, the creators of the Neurodiversity Profilers.

Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler Key Facts

Amanda is the chair of the UK’s ADHD Foundation and patron of the Dyspraxia Association in New Zealand and Medical Advisor to the Dyspraxia Foundation in the UK. She has published extensively in the field of Developmental Disorders and Neurodiversity and has written 10 books including “Neurodiversity at Work” which she co-authored with Theo Smith, and which won the 2022 Business Book Award in the UK.

On a personal note, Amanda’s work has been a constant source of both education and inspiration to us and has provided a solid foundation for our work on the Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative. We are honored to be working with Amanda and the Do-IT Solutions Team to bring the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler to Australia.

Key Take-Home Messages from the Webinar

1.  Neurodiversity is about all of us. No two brains are the same and we all need different things to be able to perform at our best.

2.  It is thought that between 15 – 20%of the world’s population has one or more specialist thinking skill, such as Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia etc and 65% of those are of working age. It’s more common than not that person will have more than one type of neurodivergence.

3.   Rather than putting labels (diagnoses) on people and making assumptions about what they need, the person-centred approach looks at the whole person and aims to create the conditions that are right for them to perform at their best.

4.   The Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler looks at the individual and maps out their own unique way of thinking and functioning, their strengths and challenges and provides a detailed report that they can use to start discussions with their employer about what they need.

5.  The Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler does not provide a diagnosis of neurodivergence, but it can indicate what traits the person has which can help guide them and their ­­employer, coach, psychologist and other supports to help improve functioning, performance, mental health and quality of life

6.  The Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler (Australian version) is now available to Australians and we have a very special introductory offer for the first 25 people to register. 

The Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative has packaged the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler with Professional Coaching Packages, to make sure that the individual is supported personally through the process and can gain maximum benefit from the tool. 

Since we have been using the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler with our coaching clients we have seen them make great progress with the insights they have gained about where their key strengths and challenges are and by accessing all the resources that are available to them through their coaching and the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler platform, which users can access for 12-months after registering. 

But don’t just take our word it.

Here’s what some of our clients want you to know….

  • It began with me expressing my interest in joining up and being a part of Catherine’s work, as I found it interesting and challenging to see how her creativity might help people, like me, with many ideas floating around and not being able to sort through and really kick my goal off, successfully commencing my own work from home business. 
  • Catherine has been a source of inspiration, and her profiler program was intriguing, and provided some results that I was expecting and other results that were surprising but pleasantly so. 
  • In my dealings thus far with Catherine, she has been able to assist me first and foremost by slowly building my confidence back up and allowing me to see my strengths from someone else’s perspective and provide positive and constructive feedback in terms of how to progress in a business setting in my own workplace.
    • We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and I know that having Catherine and her team onside as a coach and mentor will provide people with the correct advice, positive feedback, and if you need to hear less than stellar reviews, it will be done so in a manner that is courteous, professional and without malice. 
    • Completing the Profiler and working through the report with Catherine has been brilliant. I was never diagnosed as a kid, but I never felt like I fitted in. As an adult, it was hard to get anyone to believe me to start with and even harder to get diagnosed and treated. 
    • But the Profiler taught me things about myself I always knew but never understood. Now it all make senses, and I can find some meaning in it all. I’ve always thought I was just dumb because I couldn’t do things like other people. But I’m not dumb. I’m different and I can use my difference to my benefit, and my employer’s benefit. This has made a massive difference to my confidence and self-esteem.
    • I gave my boss the Profiler Report and we sat down and had a conversation that went somewhere for the first time ever. Finally he got it. My attention has always been inconsistent but now my boss understands that I just can’t focus on things that don’t interest me. 
    • I still have to do the boring stuff, but now we can spread it out through the week and do it in small chunks, in between doing the things I like and I’m good at. The Profiler and the Coaching helped me work this out with my manager. 
    • Now I have access to text to voice software that helps me read the paperwork a bit more easily. I can work faster and more accurately and its much less stressful.

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